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Frequently Asked Questions

Briefly, what is the history behind the Roller Coaster Fair and Yard Sale?

The Roller Coaster Fair and Yard Sale started in 1986 by Sarah Ann Bowers. At that time it was centered around Temple Hill and Tompkinsville, KY on Hwy. 63. The Fair and Yard Sale was extended into Tennessee in 2002 then around Dale Hollow Lake in 2004. This is it's fifth year to follow Hwy. 90 from Albany to Glasgow, KY.

What is the Roller Coaster Fair and Yard Sale?

It is a three day extravaganza with over 150 miles of yard sales, crafts, antiques, handcrafted quilts, BBQ, entertainment, souvenirs, flea markets and more. Of course, the main attraction is the yard sales.

Speaking of yard sales, what is it about yard sales that attracts people?

It's getting that cool deal! Finding that bargain of a lifetime! Digging through pile upon piles of junk..... I mean antiques, and locating that last piece to make your set complete. The thrill of the hunt! Of course, there is the haggling over the price that makes the deal even sweeter.

When will the Roller Coaster Fair be this year?

You will see vendors starting to set up as early as the weekend before. However, the official event dates are the first weekend (full weekend - Saturday and Sunday are in October of that weekend) in October each year. That's Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Some vendors stay around after the sale is over as well. That is all up to the vendors and those they are renting space from.

Speaking of vendors, who can set up and where?
Anyone or any group may set up. It's a great way for families, friends, church or civic groups to do some serious fund-raising. If you have an art of craft you would like to sell, find a spot and set up. For instance, Dalton Smith, who is a fantastic wood carver from the Kettle Community set up in the Marrowbone Park. The Chambers of Commerce (click on the link at right for the contact information) along the route may have some advice on locations in specific areas.

Chamber Contacts for More Information:
Albany-Clinton County Chamber of Commerce
Tel: (606) 387-2051 • www.clintoncoky.com

Byrdstown-Pickett County Chamber of Commerce
Tel: 931-864-7195 • www.dalehollow.com

Cave City Chamber of Commerce
Tel: 270-773-5159 • www.cavecitychamber.com

Clay County Chamber of Commerce
Tel: 931-243-3338 • www.dalehollowlake.org

Cumberland County, KY Chamber of Commerce/Tourism Commission
Tel: 270-864-5890 • www.burkesville.com

Glasgow-Barren County Tourist Commission
Tel: 270-479-7259 • www.betterinthebarrens.com

Livingston-Overton County Chamber of Commerce
Toll-Free: 800-876-7393 • www.overtonco.com

Tompkinsville-Monroe County Tourism
Tel: 270-487-1314 • www.monroecountykytourism.com

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